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End-of-Life Practitioner Program


"Medical training is about mastery, about curing and fixing often taught in environments of competition and criticism... this course is about living in mystery. This program has liberated and broadened the way I practice medicine. What I learned in this program changed the way I create curriculum for medical students."
Norma Hirsch MD
Iowa Partnership for Dying with Dignity

The End of Life Practitioner Program is designed for healthcare professionals and offers training in the psycho-social, spiritual and ethical aspects of dying. Participants include physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, psychotherapists, counselors, chaplains, social workers, CNA's, physical therapists, massage therapists, and others in the healing professions.

The program is primarily designed for healthcare professionals. However, we are open to applications from hospice volunteers and family caregivers with significant experience. However, this is not a program for beginners. The courses are intensive and we request that you commit to full participation in all sessions.

Bishop, Lindroos

Building local networks: Program graduates Gunilla Bishop, bereavement counselor, Hospice of Western CO. Grand Junction, CO and Carole Lindroos, counselor, Qualife Wellness Community, Denver CO

Attend with Colleagues

We encourage you to attend with other colleagues to support the implementation of the course content in your respective organization. Groups of three or more participants from the same institution or agency receive a discount.

We give preference to applicants with:

  • Two or more years of experience working in end-of-life care or a related field.
  • An existing affiliation with an end-of-life organization, hospice, healthcare institution or related program service.
  • A commitment to engage in mindfulness practices and other contemplative practices during the program.

We welcome a diversity of cultures, professional disciplines and spiritual traditions. We have learned that successful candidates are apt to share some of the following interests or qualities.

"I know a lot about technique, pain control and symptom management. This program is about discovering the place where spirit and soul infuse the sacred art of dying. This course is an answer to a nurses prayer."
Mary Clark RN
Assante Hospice Medford, OR

  • Personal and professional commitment to improving care of the dying.
  • A mature relationship to your inner life.
  • Value and support the transformational and spiritual dimension of dying.
  • Inspirational leader, change agent, intermediary.
  • A commitment to live and work in accord with your highest values.
  • Excited by the benefits of group process and peer learning.
  • Value diversity, enriched by exchanges with other innovators.
  • Developed capacity for presence, empathy, authenticity.
  • Embrace paradox and uncertainty.
  • Interested in creating new services to enhance end-of-life experiences
Stevens, Sanford

Finding common ground: program graduates Bill Stevens, chaplain, AIDS Ministry, NJ, and Garret Sanford, AIDS counselor, San Francisco, CA

If you have questions about your qualifications for the program please call 415.331.9600.

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