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September 23, 2017

Frances Vaughan

We were shocked to learn of the sudden passing of Frances Vaughan on September 23, 2017. Frances was our dear friend and a member of the core faculty of the Metta Institute. We honor her and feel a profound appreciation for her teachings and life. She will be missed by many because she touched the hearts of so many.

Frances was by any standard, a remarkable yet humble woman whose contributions - as mother, grand-mother, spouse, psychotherapist, teacher, author, touched and transformed many lives. One of the great transpersonal pioneers, Frances Vaughan contributed to the field in many ways as a superb teacher, author and speaker. She also served as an editor of and frequent contributor to The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology, as president of the Association of Transpersonal Psychology, and as a board member of the International Transpersonal Association. She raised two children and loved five grandchildren while offering a full time psychotherapy practice, and was widely regarded as one of the world’s foremost transpersonal therapists. She was a faculty member of The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology and of the University of California, and recently served on the board of the philanthropic Fetzer Institute.

She published over a hundred articles and nine books including the classic transpersonal texts Beyond Ego and Paths Beyond Ego: The Transpersonal Vision. Her other books include the classic introduction to intuition, Awakening Intuition, and an integration of psychotherapy and spirituality titled The Inward Arc. She also published a collection of exquisite quotations titled Gifts from A Course in Miracles, and a beautiful study of spirituality, Shadows of the Sacred which Stan Grof described as "a brilliant and groundbreaking exploration of the promises and pitfalls of the spiritual path written by one of the pioneers of transpersonal psychology." But what were most remarkable were her personal qualities and interpersonal skills. She was, as Ken Wilber wrote in a foreword to one of her books, "the wisest of wise women" and her deepest value was love. Extraordinary wisdom and extraordinary love and incredible combination! On her last day a friend asked about her spiritual practice and she replied, "I'm practicing gratitude."