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This world is a
dewdrop world
and yet, and yet



How do we restore death to its honored and sacred place? Can wisdom traditions help us resist the pull toward technological institutional, and dehumanized dying? Does an intimacy with death lead to a more loving and compassionate life? How do our beliefs about death and the mystery beyond affect the way we live and die? What does it take to be a compassionate companion to the dying?

These are some of the questions Metta Institute®'s faculty regularly wrestles with and try to address through our educational programs. Metta Institute offers programs featuring leading spiritual teachers, artists, storytellers, and psychologists for a continuing exploration and re-visioning of dying in America.

Our primary program is the End-of-Life Practitioner Program, first developed in 2002 as a sort of graduate course. The goal of the innovative nine-month training is to establish a national network of educators, advocates and guides for those facing life-threatening illness and the individuals and systems that serve them.

Our Practitioner's Place (members only) provides a venue for End-of-Life Practitioner Program trainees and graduates to dialogue, share resources, collaborate on projects, receive on-going education and exchange mutual support.

In addition, Metta Institute provides information on workshops, presentations and retreats lead by our Director, Frank Ostaseski. We offer links to programs lead by our other core faculty. These programs train healthcare professionals and support medical institutions in improving care of the dying. Experiential workshops and retreats assist family caregivers, people living with life-threatening illness, and others in living fully in the face of death.

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