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End-of-Life Practitioner Program


Ange Stephens Frank Ostaseski

Ange Stephen MFT and Frank Ostaseski, Metta Founder, Co-Directors End of Life Practitioner Program, two of the seven nationally recognized core faculty members.

Important New Developments for Metta Institute

Metta Institute Programs will be on hiatus in 2016. Stay tuned for new programs in 2017.

In 2016 the Metta Institute will take a break from offering its training modules. This hiatius will allow us to re-vision our program offerings. We want to stay current with the needs and aspirations of the professionals and caregivers that we have served for over a decade. We will explore options for new modules and online trainings that can reach a wider audience.

For the past 15 years, the End-of-Life Practitioner Program has provided an unparalleled educational opportunity for hundreds of healthcare professionals and other caregivers. The Metta Institute has a highly regarded, national reputation as an innovative source of learning for those who are dedicated to transforming care of the dying.

Our approach is mindfulness-based, compassion-focused and relationship-centered. We utilize a range of learning modalities to address both personal and professional development emphasizing experiential learning and pragmatic application.

Thematic training sessions are designed to develop essential clinical competencies, strengthen an individual's capacity for compassionate service, and enhance personal spiritual development. We expand on the conventional medical model's approach to care by offering content not generally addressed in most clinician's training. This program seeks to prepare the participants with the knowledge, skills and presence needed to address the psycho-social and spiritual dimensions of dying.

"I have observed the unmet needs of people at end of life and seen and how poorly health professionals are trained to meet them. We have made death into a technological and management issue and robbed it of its holy significance and dignity... which diminishes us all. This program is offering a new way of seeing."
Rachel Naomi Remen, M.D.
Metta Institute Faculty Member

New Flexible Program Structure

In 2012, we re-designed the certificate program to bring our innovative approach and distinguished faculty to a wider audience. We selected the best and most relevant elements from 15 years of trainings to create a new dynamic series. The inter-related training modules combine to form one of the most comprehensive programs of its kind in the country.

Not Just Another Training

We are a community of practitioners. When the training ends the support continues. The Metta Institute community keeps you connected. Graduates join a national network of dedicated peers encouraging creative solutions as clinicians, educators, advocates, and guides to the dying. When you complete the full series you have access to special graduate programs, the mutual support of like-minded peers, shared resources, and on-going education.

Is This Program for You?

This program was created for self-motivated professionals who have direct experience with dying, and a working knowledge of end-of-life care. Those with significant hospice volunteer experience or transferable professional experience may also apply. However, this is not a program for beginners.

We welcome diversity in culture, professional disciplines, and spiritual traditions. We seek individuals who are committed to living and working in accord with their highest values. People who think outside the box. Those dedicated to transforming end-of-life care. If this sounds like you, we encourage you to apply.

"This program is not just about adding new skills to the same old you... it is about you transforming."
Charlie Garfield Ph.D.
Founder Shanti Project
UCSF Clinical Professor
Metta Institute Faculty Member

Charlie Garfield Ramita Bonadonna

Faculty member Charlie Garfield, Founder, Shanti Project, Professor UCSF School of Medicine and Ramita Bonadonna RN/Educator, program graduate, Foley Beach SC

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